Tuesday, September 28, 2010


okay, people, i AM doing it. still cant believe it myself. but thanks to one of my dearest friend who gave me this idea 
Today, I got a job although its the nth time i got a job but m happy as if its my first one.Got selected in one of the premiere companies of the world......whoa wud u believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!! even i cant.
tooooooo happy for my parents specially, my father.
planning to spend my first salary on him.(obviously after paying my rent)

To start of I will be writing a story,
that of a kid who loved kidding around,had his first girlfriend(ITS TRUE) at the age of 7.He is still of that age but things have changed.As a child he was a boon to the family.
the year was 1985 and a family used to live in najafgarh area. Mr harry was in dubai. It was his family. He started out as a bread earner at the age of 17. after all feeding off his 5 brothers and his mother was a remarkable thing. He was married against his wish to a girl ,Nancy . He wanted to earn . He had earned enough to have his sister married to Mr jammy, a truck driver,nice guy with limited income.